Info for your photo shoot



How many options? Please bring at least three “looks”. A great example is a solid coloured tank top, a button up shirt and a sexy sweater. Or men, a fitted tshirt, a suit jacket/ button up combo and a nice solid coloured sweater that is not too bulky. If you are going to bring an entire suitcase, be sure to know what your top choices are so we can focus on those first. 

What should I bring? The most important things to consider when choosing what to wear  for your photos, are A) your skin tone and hair B) your eye colour and C) your brand as an actor.

1) Your best bet for any skin tone/hair colour is usually solid jewel tones (think ‘emerald green’, ’sapphire blue’, 'ruby red’), earth tones and greys look good on most everyone. We want the colour of your eyes, hair and skin to be the star of the shots, so wear tones that compliment those but aren't brighter or more eye-catching than your eyes, hair and skin. Those with very pale, very tanned or very olive skin also need to chose colours that are not going to be too matchy-matchy with your skin tone (beige on  tanned skin) or  wash you out (ie pale yellow on a light olive skin tone is too similar and makes you look sickly). If you are very pale, warm jewel tones will draw our eye to how amazing your skin looks in contrast with that colour.  Unless you are a brilliant blonde or raven haired beauty who is willing to wear equally bright make up, stay away from bright colours (fire engine reds, bright blue, neons, pure white, or very bright primary colours). 

2) To draw attention to your eyes, think about choosing paint : ) I love going to the hardware store and looking at the colour combo swatches that they've put together in pamphlets. They may have combined colours you wouldn't automatically think of combining, but because those colours either compliment or contrast, it works. Often my favorites are variations on each other, like a beach theme of soft-sandy brown, heather green and grey-blue; they all contain a soft grey, so they compliment each other. Or they use colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel, which will contrast and make each other pop (like olive green, cranberry red and eggplant purple). That's what you want to do with your eyes. If you DO have a shirt that matches them completely, GREAT! Otherwise bring colours that compliment or contrast them like on a paint swatch.

3) Lastly, think about your "brand" and how casting sees you. If you usually audition for the moody teenager, you don't want a headshot with you wearing a cute frilly little pink top!  Cops, doctors, teachers and politician types would do well with a shot in a button up shirt. Moms, nurses, nice-neighbour types would do well in a simple cartigan/ fitted sweater. Kids/teens want to keep it very simple so the head shots don't dictate your age too much. The sexy waitress, femme fatale, beer-ad girls usually need a black tank top shot and shots that show muscle definition in light weight stretchy shirts and a great pair of jeans. Military types, hot country boys and studly boyfriends need a not-trying-too-hard, soft worn in tshirt or plaid shirt look.

 4) FIT- Your tops need to be fitted to your body but not so tight that we see your bra or every detail of chest hair. Ladies, while 'bat wing', ' kimono' or 'dolman' sleeves may be very comfortable, they make you look frumpy and heavier than you are in tighter frame photos. We need to clearly see where your arm ends and your body begins in shots. Ladies, think about how much cleavage you really want in the shot. Often you will need to lean forward from the waist for the shots, so check that position in the mirror to make sure you're still selling your brand and not selling something else ; )
Please avoid logos or busy patterns (stripes make the camera go crazy) plus they just become too much of a focal point and draw attention away from your face.  Ladies, please wear a thin tank top that will work under your tops so that you can feel comfortable changing outfits out in the open.

***BRA ISSUES***: We have a VERY hard time removing "bad bra issues" in photos. This means if you can see the line of the top of the cup or it squeezes too tight and causes bulging skin on your sides or you wore a neon leopard print bra under a white shirt.... you might be stuck with it! Make it easier on everyone and check to make sure your bra is completely invisible under all your shirt choices. Or bring bra options!
Bring at least 4 shirt options. It's better to bring too much than too little!

Make up and Hair:

Unless you are an EXTREME character actor (and you have cleared this with your agent) you don’t want to look tired or unhealthy in your shots. Even for people who want “simple, normal, just-you-shots”, you want to look like the tv/film version of “simple and normal”. You can help us, your agent and casting by making sure your eyes and teeth are nice and white, your hair colour/cut is fresh and pops on camera, skin is moisturized and clear of blemishes and you should have an all over glow of health and energy.

We're firm believers that your hair and make up should look the same way it would when you go to an audition.  The only difference is that ladies will want to make their make up a little bolder for headshots (natural light always washes out your make up a bit). Remember colour is good; it helps define the shape of your features and your face. Don't do anything you wouldn't normally do (like a full head of extensions or mink false lashes) but just add an extra coat of mascara, a little darker eye liner, blush  and don't skimp on the powder. Men, please make sure you moisturize, any blemishes are covered and you bring powder if you tend to get very shiny. 

If you'd feel more confident having an professional doing your make up, we can suggest some make up artists we enjoy working with but it is up to you to organize meeting up with them before hand since we shoot outside. 
Men and women should bring powder to keep shine down, lip balm and hair product to control fly-aways.

***Ladies: Please do not wear coloured nail polish!***


Comfort and safety:

We often shoot in downtown and industrial areas so close toed, comfortable shoes are a must. You might also want warm gear, rain gear, sun screen, water and a garment bag or suitcase to keep your clothes clean.



We take cash, cheque, credit card or Interac email transfer at the end of the session. Cheques should be made out to Robin Nielsen.