Mac Harmon: Insta-King

Meet Instagram and social media celeb, Mac Harmon.


This guy does it all. He's an actor, dancer, model and at the meer age of 15 has:

 199k Insta-followers, Over 30k Youtube and Twitter subscribers, does appearances across Europe, has a documentary about his last appearance trip, makes dance/parody videos, has a clothing line AND has time to be an actor!!!!

What did you do today?


Clients Making Their Own Work

Ashley Alexander:

Currently in full pre-production for her short film Becoming Sophie. Not only is she acting in it, she wrote it, is the main producer and has attached the amazing Crystal Lowe as her director! 

Check out Ashley's IMDb and the Fundrazr Campaign for the film to show your support.  






Alika Autran:

Alika has written her first feature film and has recently gone back to school to learn German. She is constantly trying to better herself, whether it be in class or updating her special skills. Alika is a great example of another hard working client.

Check out her IMDb and show your support



Samples from recent headshot sessions

Over the past few weeks we've been pretty busy. Here are a few samples from recent shoots.

Click on the photos for full view :)





Coming soon: 

Family Portrait Sessions

Book yours for the best Christmas gift you can give to your family... memories 

cheesy but true ;)


We're back... but really we never left

Yes, in our previous post we announced that we were taking a hiatus to produce FEED THE GODS and head out on a trip for the month of October.  Well we're happy to say that the film is in post production, but sad to announce that we did not head out on the road for our annual trip. 
The good news is we are here and available to shoot your headshots!

Bookings are open!!!
Here's what we've been working on last couple weeks: 




Don't miss out on the last of the nice weather... 


Samples and a Hiatus

There are 2 WEEKS LEFT to book your session with us before we take a 2 month hiatus. During that time, we're co-producing a feature film called FEED THE GODS, then headed on our annual month long road trip to Illinois to visit family. So if you want to take advantage of the remaining summer weather, Book now!
Here are a few samples from recent shoots that have been up loaded and delivered to clients.