Robin Nielsen- Photographer

Robin started traveling at an early age. During family trips to the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Hawaii and the Canadian North, he developed an interest in extreme landscapes, realistic human portraits and recording his own memories. He is so grateful he began his training at a time when darkroom photography was still the norm and so had the chance to learn to create great photographs by manipulating exposures as well as the satisfaction that comes from developing your own photographs. 

His training as an actor and an acting teacher both in LA and in Vancouver (The Practical Set Workout), made him acutely aware of how many actors struggle with headshots that are neither intriguing, well composed photos nor good representations of the actor.

Having sat through many headshot sessions himself, Robin believes shoots should be fun, relaxed and not  over staged. He aims for headshots that are more than just a pretty picture. He concentrates on finding a colour palette that brings out his subjects eyes/ skin tone and tailors the background and lighting quality to this. Special consideration is also given to the personal image actors are selling to casting and/or potential agents. 

Danielle Stott-Roy - Stylist/Photography assistant

Danielle has spent numerous years as an actor and model, and as such has sat through hundreds of photo shoots, both good and bad. Working with Triumph St has given her the opportunity to help others avoid some of the issues that lead to less than great photos.

Danielle is there to help with nerves and insecurities by giving you tips to make the most of your assets and draw attention away from problem areas. She has spent the last  few  years as an actor/ producer/ casting assistant in film and TV, so Danielle has heard from many industry professionals, what makes a good head shot in their eyes.

Danielle says " The number one complaint is that people are coming into auditions with over-airbrushed, over make up-ed, glamorized head shots that look nothing like them. If you audition for cops, teachers, moms and dads, casting is tired of being handed head shots where you look like a Vegas showgirl. Get a head shot that looks like you and is applicable to the kind of shows being shot here in Vancouver."